About me

Since I can remember drawing and painting has determinded my life. Already in the kindergarten I painted a lot. My parents still have a thick folder with paintings I did in my kindergarden years.

During my school days I did not feel like painting.

At the 1993 I had again a more intensive painting phase. Pictures from this period are still framed in my former nursery. At that time I got my first watercolor paints. My watercolor paintings at this time are looking more like gouache paintings. I still have the two red sable hair brushes and the bovine hair brush of that time. Although they have no tips but are wonderfully soft to do glazes and washes.

After high school I wanted to study art but that was denied me. I accepted a neighbor’s offer and learned to be an office clerk at his company. After three years of training, which seemed more than boring and stupid, I decided to study computer science. Yes, some people may think that is something of a distant art. Yes it is in one way too. But on the other hand, you can come up with some very creative solutions.

Since completing my studies, I am a full-time software developer. This job still pays my bills today. I had lost sight of my passion for painting again.

There were still many ups and downs in my creative work and my private life. My creative hobby brought me out of difficult life situations several times.

Painting is my life and I never want to miss it anymore. How it goes on you can follow in my blog. I like experimenting with different materials, making How To Videos, and traveling the social media. Maybe you’ll see yourself there.