Snowman rock painting tutorial

In todays tutorial I paint for you a snowman. I used oils but you can also use acrylics. Before I started to paint I drilled a hole in the wooden button and primed it with two layers of white gesso.

My materials are:

  • oil paints
  • wooden button
  • white gesso
  • brushes
  • Liquin
  • soap for brush cleaning

The Liquin I used only as a hint in each paint to make it a bit fluid and let it dry faster. If you add too much it could yellow over time. I painted the rock aka button yesterday and today it is touchdry. The brushes that you see on the photo are a size 0 scriptliner for the tiny details (size 0-2 would create the same thin lines) a size 0 brush of a schoolbrushset and a size 2 bristle brush. All brushes are from my favorite brush brand Da Vinci.

Let’s start with a nicely white first layer of white gesso. If you did not have white gesso you can use white acrylic paint too.

I painted the rock completely with blue. I tried to paint it to the edges a bit darker. After this was done I took a piece of paper towel and rubbed the silhouette of the snowman out. OK this works only with oils.

If you use acrylics then paint in the silhouette with titanium white after the blue has dried.

With titanium white and a bit of blue I gently painted in at first a midtone. In the top-right corners of the two balls I added more white for the highlight and in the left-bottom of the top ball I added more blue for the shadow. Of course you need to paint the cast shadow on the bottom ball too. Make sure that the valuerange is big enough.

If you use acrylics then the next step is a much easier for you. With oils you have to be careful and paint with less pressure.

With black I painted in the eyes and the mouth and I added with white some highlights.

The nose I mixed with the yellow and the red. The upper part of the nose I painted with more yellow for the highlight and the bottom part with more red for the shadow. Don’t forget to paint in the castshadow of the nose on the left side.

In the last step we start with the stars or snowflakes. I dabbed them in with pure white.

The scarf I started by painting pure red at first. With yellow I added some interest and highlights to the right side. With my blue shadow colors I added some shadows to the left side, on the bottom of the scarf and under the chin.

The last thing to do is to add a varnishing layer. But before we can do this I would recommend to let it dry 6 months. I hope you enjoyed this little quickie tutorial. Please let me know if you want to see a special subject.

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