Winter landscape miniature painting tutorial

Hi friends today I show you how to paint a winter landscape on a wooden button. I used this time oil paints, but it may would be easier for you to use acrylic paints. The Liquin I mixed in a tiny bit in each paint on my palette. It makes the paint more fluid and shortens the drying time.

These are the materials that I used:

  • Oil paints (acrylics will work too)
  • wooden button
  • brushes
  • white gesso
  • Liquin

The button has a diameter of 4cm. I drilled a hole in it and added 2 layers of white gesso. You could do the base layer also in acrylic titanium white.

winter landscape painting

At first I sketched with some pencil lines. It is not detailed, I just want to make sure that I don’t lost orientation.

As you can see I sketched accidentally in an angle. Make sure that it is horizontal to the hole.

winter landscape painting

At first I blocked in the sky. I skipped the areas where the trunks are. I used a mix of white and blue.

winter landscape painting

The same mix as for the sky but with just a bit more blue I used in horizontal strokes to block in the river.

The background bushes I mixed with white, blue and the blue and ochre. The top of the bushes contains a bit more white than the bottom areas.

winter landscape painting

Again I used the sky mix and added a bit more white to paint rough strokes on the snow area.

Later I paint with pure white on the left spaces and let the bluish white mixed in. This would not work in acrylics. If you use acrylics then paint the snow with 2 different light blue tones. One nearly pure white and the other with a hint of more blue. Don’t blend them too smooth.

winter landscape oilpainting

The eye loves always values. I added with a mix of blue and a hint of burnt umber dark strokes to the river. Make sure that you paint only those areas which are pointed with the face to you. Paint them in different thicknesses.

You can also see that I added the cast shadow of the tree trunks. I also added them on the river.

winter landscape oilpainting

For this step I have painted the tree trunks with a very light grey. I mixed it with white, blue and burnt umber.

As the base layer was painted, I added carfully the typical birch marks.

winter landscape oilpainting

In the last stepp I added more shadows and interest in the snow, by adding some burnt umber. I also painted in some old branches with a mix of blue and burnt umber. The river gets some white strokes as some highlights.

Thank you for visiting my website and for reading this post. I hope this helped you with your winter landscape. I would be happy if you subscribe to my blog and share this post to your friends.

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