PITT artist ink pens

They are finally here, my studio box full of 60 Pitt artist pens from Faber-Castell. It’s the complete set only 4 metalic pens are not in this box. The pens are equipped with a brush tip and filled with water-resistant light-resistant artist’s ink. I have always sketched with these pencils as you know, only I had a few colors that pushed me to the limit.

Now I have the wide selection. And I already did the first test with them in the ICE yesterday at 300 km/h. My favorite motive of the ladybugs had to serve it.

Of course, you will not get a smooth transition like Copics or Polychomos or Albrecht Dürer pens. As soon as the ink is dry, it is waterproof. I make my transitions with hatchings and textures. In doing so, I always draw small curls and crosses make them brighter and then paint or tie them up with a different color. This can be seen very well with this ladybird.

My second test with the new box are two sketches for a sales order. The requirement was the color “taupe”. Since this was not available directly in the set, I have worked it out by painting several colors on top of each other.

As you can see above, I have tested several colors together in swatches. The desired color was created by a light skin tone and various warm shades of gray.

In between, I found that you should let the paper dry otherwise you get too dark spots or the paper softens too much. It simply paints on dry paper more pleasantly. However, nothing has bleeded through to the other side of the paper.

I hope I could give you a small impression of these pens. If you still have questions, always get out with it.


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