Ink fun

Hi friends,

today there are excerpts from my sketchbook again. This fills up more and more. There are now only 1.5 pages left. It took me nearly 2 years to fill it. My original plan was to sketch something every day to fill it in at most one year. With the next sketchbook I should follow this plan better.

Let’s start with two live sketches. First, it is a bridge over a lake in the local park and on the other a plant study of a soldier button plant. The latter reminds me of my childhood as soon as I see her. It is also known by the term big burdock.

Tuschezeichnung Klette

I drew both pictures plein air with the XS PITT artist pen. The slight coloring and shades I added from memory later.

Next are three pictures I drew yesterday while I was waiting for a furniture delivery.

Tuschezeichnung Fuchs

The fox is not quite as successful as I wanted. At the end I had to set accents with a white edding. But you learn from mistakes. A little fellow in black and white follows.

Tuschezeichnung Pinguin

Just like the fox, I roughly set the lines with a pencil and then went over it with the XS PITT. The shades of the plumage I have drawn with different shades of gray. Only black would make the whole thing too flat. In the plumage, light reflects, especially when it is wet. The same goes for the white. Here I set shade with a light gray and blue to better model the body. After this non-flying bird follows one who can fly.

Tuschezeichnung Vogel

The procedure for this bird is analogous to the penguin. The most successful I find his chest area. Since you can not really blend PITT ink pens into each other, I’ve managed this by hatching. In this case, those were short dashes and speckles.

For the three animals I used pictures from Pixabay.

I hope you enjoyed today’s trip to my sketchbook. Bye until next time.


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