How I save paints

Professional paints with a high pigmentation are very expensive. There are many paints in tubes and it is always annoying when residues remain in the tube. I would like to introduce you my tool, which I use to can get every bit of paint out of my tubes. This is my beloved tube squeezer. It has two rollers like gears. You put a tube with its end between the rollers and squeeze the tool together. Then you start to turn. This will push every last residue of paint forward. But attention. Do not roll too much forward, because otherwise it» Read more

Having an art blockade

Hi my friends, I don’t have painted one single painting nor I have done a sketch since two weeks. I am feeling exhausted and have more interests to other things like family, cooking and baking, cleaning and reorganizing my house and sports to get healthier. I have only one video left on youtube. This will be online on 7th February. But then nothing. Everytime when I am deciding to go upstairs to my studio and install the camera and so I can feel how my energy flow away.But I am sure that I don’t have an art blockade. I researched» Read more

YouTube and general

Deutsche Übersetzung ist unten. Shame on me, I have not been here for a long time. There are some new things. First of all today is Thursday and that means today there is a new video: This picture is already available in my shop and of course it is already visible in my portfolio. Then I activated again the possibility of following this blogging. You can deposit your e-mail address there and will be informed by e-mail about new blog entries. (I will not send any newsletters and no advertising e-mails.) There’s a reason for that. It may be that» Read more

Gutes Aquarellpapier günstig kaufen – mein Trick

Für das Arbeiten mit Aquarellfarben ist es unabdingbar Aquarellpapier zu verwenden. Es gibt günstiges mit dem ich persönlich jedoch nicht vollkommen zufrieden war. Am liebsten verwende ich Britannia rauh von Hahnemühle. Das ist jedoch relativ teuer. Bei meinem Lieblingshändler Kunstpark sowie auch bei Boesner oder Gerstaecker gibt es den 12 Blatt-Block für 8,50-9,99 € in der Größe 24 x 32 cm. Dafür das ich das Papier auch gern im Kunstkurs verwenden will, wo nicht immer etwas schönes entsteht, finde ich 10€ einfach zu teuer. Es gibt von diesem Papier jedoch auch Einzelbogen in der Größe 50 x 65 cm. Da sind 10 lose» Read more

Protective coating

I did not really work creatively today. Here in the portfolio galleries I have incorporated several pictures and provided my 3D ladybugs with 3 protective layers. He looks really nice now. I use Glossy Varnish from Liquitex. This is odorless and you can clean the brush while it is still damp with water and brush soap on a kitchen towel.» Read more

Why this blog

Hello and welcome to my blog. I would like to post in this blog not only my finished pictures and works, but also show intermediate steps. Here I would like to show the solution of difficult to paint objects as well as explain why I have just chosen this image or motif. I hope you enjoy browsing. Annett» Read more