Black areas

Coloring areas with black ink with fewer stripes is an art in itself. When I make it directly from the bottle with the brush I always have many stripes. More by accident I have now discovered that it is with a misused water tank brush (in my case by Pentel) much more comfortable and above all streak-free.

Tuschezeichnung Schädel
Ink drawing skull

Right in the picture you can see my water tank brush. And I have colored the area around the skull with them.

Since I’m afraid of leaking, after all, the ink is waterproof, he is always in a small plastic bag. But until now nothing has leaked, even when traveling. I’ve read somewhere that cheap copies of these Pentel pens just leak out. As long as there is only water in it, that may not so bad with water, but with ink the fun stops.

The filling of the ink into the tank is very convenient and clean with a pipette.

I hope you have this little information helped.

Until next time

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