Water-soluble oil paints, meduim L & medium W

Hello friends, as you may have noticed on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, I am experimenting with oil colors and two oil mediums. I have two sorts of oil paints. First are normal oil paints (Norma von Schmincke) and second are water-soluble oil paints (Berlin by Lukas). What bothered me about the oil painting so far was the odor of the thinner. Yes, there are also odorless thinner, but I’m just not sure if there is something escapes but we just do not smell. At first I got the medium W from Schmincke. With this medium you can make normal oil» Read more

Black areas

Coloring areas with black ink with fewer stripes is an art in itself. When I make it directly from the bottle with the brush I always have many stripes. More by accident I have now discovered that it is with a misused water tank brush (in my case by Pentel) much more comfortable and above all streak-free. Right in the picture you can see my water tank brush. And I have colored the area around the skull with them. Since I’m afraid of leaking, after all, the ink is waterproof, he is always in a small plastic bag. But until» Read more