Loose watercolors have been my ambition so far this week. I have just uploaded two new pictures. On the one hand, it is a landscape that originated from an almost completely random smear and paint application.

Aquarell am See
Watercolor painting lake

I’ve already taken another video footage and I’m planning to release a video where I’ll show you how to make something out of this wild mess.

The second picture, which is not even dry because I just painted it, is a dandelion. The other day, while walking with our cat, I found a lonely dandelion that resisted the lawnmower. He stood so nice next to our plum tree where ivy was already up.

Aquarell Löwenzahn
Aquarell Löwenzahn

For this picture I moistened the whole sheet. Actually, I wanted to strech it out, but the Hahnemühle Britannia paper is actually heavy enough so that it does not warp too much. The trick is also slightly to moisten the back. So it stays nice and flat. Works only if you want to work wet in wet. I like it. I do not know yet if I want to give it away at all. (Edit: I gave it to my mother on mothers day, she loved it.)

What are your thoughts?

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