Without a brush

There is a trend, growing more and more. Painting without a brush. I think that’s an exciting topic. I really wanted to try it myself. So I grabbed latex disposable gloves and just started. Please always wear gloves the colors consist of earth and minerals which are partially poisonous.

Acrylbild Strand
Acrylic painting beach 30 x 20 cm on acrylic paper with linen texture

My experience is, you need more color than normal, maybe I should have used more water. It is very exciting to feel the color under your fingers. Fine details are very hard to create. But this beach painting is quite grateful for big “strokes”.

Painting with fingers frees up a lot and is not just for people with motor impairments.

Tip: use baby wipes to clean between fingers, otherwise crumbs can occur. Try it by yourself. My finger painting was sold in a couple days. I couldn’t believe it.

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