Step by step to a beautiful seascape (oilpainting)

Today I want to show you a small photo step by step kinda tutorial of an oil painting. At the time where I have started this painting I was sick of quick drying paints like acrylics. I wanted to paint in a more relaxed way. I decided to get my oils out of my drawer and give them an other try. I used these materials: A size A4 MDF board from the hardware store. They have cutted it for free into this size.Acrylic gesso, I used white gesso from Schmincke. But I believe any brand will work. Oil paints Norma from» Read more

YouTube and general

Deutsche Übersetzung ist unten. Shame on me, I have not been here for a long time. There are some new things. First of all today is Thursday and that means today there is a new video: This picture is already available in my shop and of course it is already visible in my portfolio. Then I activated again the possibility of following this blogging. You can deposit your e-mail address there and will be informed by e-mail about new blog entries. (I will not send any newsletters and no advertising e-mails.) There’s a reason for that. It may be that» Read more

Water-soluble oil paints, meduim L & medium W

Hello friends, as you may have noticed on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, I am experimenting with oil colors and two oil mediums. I have two sorts of oil paints. First are normal oil paints (Norma von Schmincke) and second are water-soluble oil paints (Berlin by Lukas). What bothered me about the oil painting so far was the odor of the thinner. Yes, there are also odorless thinner, but I’m just not sure if there is something escapes but we just do not smell. At first I got the medium W from Schmincke. With this medium you can make normal oil» Read more

Coloring page for my blue-tits video

Hi friends, I’ve uploaded a new video hochgeladen. This time I show how I paint this sweet blue tit. If you want to paint them, then use my template for it. If you have questions always get out with it. A list of the materials can be found in the description of the video. The original painting is available here.» Read more

Tutorial: Deers in the winter

I have I thought it is once again time for a small photo tutorial for a painting what I have named “deers in winter”. If you want to own the original painting click here. At first I have searched for a nice reference photo for the deers on Pixabay. This I needed to create easily the outlines. The paper I used is 300 gsm watercolor paper from Hahnenmühle. It’s the rough version. I really love the texture. I primed the paper with two layers of white gesso from Schmincke. You don’t have to do that, but in my case there» Read more

Gruseliger Tuschewald

Hallo Freunde, derzeit habe ich nicht die Möglichkeit ein YouTube Tutorial zu drehen. Und so habe ich mich für eine kleine Tusche-Fotostrecke entschieden. In meinem Skizzenbuch teste ich derzeit monochrome Landschaften. Ihr werdet sicher meine australischen Felsen gestern gesehen haben. Heute möchte ich einen düsteren Wald umsetzen. Neben der Tusche verwende ich eine Zeichenfeder und einen Wassertankpinsel. Ich beginne mit einer sehr groben Bleistiftskizze. Diese dient mehr der Orientierung als das ich sie im Endresultat tatsächlich zu 100% nutze. Mit Tusche setze ich mir gern zuerst einen Rahmen. In diesem Fall habe ich diesen mit einer Tuschefeder gezogen. Die Tusche» Read more

Black areas

Coloring areas with black ink with fewer stripes is an art in itself. When I make it directly from the bottle with the brush I always have many stripes. More by accident I have now discovered that it is with a misused water tank brush (in my case by Pentel) much more comfortable and above all streak-free. Right in the picture you can see my water tank brush. And I have colored the area around the skull with them. Since I’m afraid of leaking, after all, the ink is waterproof, he is always in a small plastic bag. But until» Read more

Neues Skizzenbuch

Hallo zusammen, es ist wieder einmal Zeit für einen Blogeintrag. Falls ihr es noch nicht mitbekommen habt, ich habe endlich mein Skizzenbuch voll. Hier im Video könnt ihr sehen wie ich es für euch durchblättere. Eins ist voll und zwei Neue habe ich angefangen. Das erste ist der direkte Nachfolger von meinem Alten. Es ist ebenfalls ein Canson Hardcover Buch in schwarz. Für alle die es näher interessiert: Canson ONE In dieses werde ich versuchen täglich meine Skizzen einzuzeichnen. Wenn dieses voll ist, wird es keinen Nachfolger von Canson geben. Ich werde danach 100% zu dem Leuchtturm1917 Skizzenbuch wechseln. Das» Read more